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Best Hearing AmplifierAcquiring a perfect hearing amplifier is becoming a great challenge in today's world unlike in the past when there were only few ...


The effect of direct-mail and PSAP devices on the custom hearing aid marketWithin the last 2 years, we have seen an increased proliferation of ...


Britzgo Hearing Aid Review One of the major challenges people face when they start to lose their hearing is the fact that hearing aids are very expensive. It ...

Otofonix Encore Hearing Amplifier Review :  SAVE THOUSANDS WITHOUT SACRIFICING QUALITY. The Otofonix Encore is the most powerful, advanced hearing ...

Week 1 When you first start wearing hearing aids, you will hear many sounds at once and they may seem too loud. You’ll notice things like the clock ticking, ...


Neosonic Hearing Amplifier ReviewLIGHT AS A FEATHER - Being discreet and invisible, extremely small and light weight, you can easily forget you are ...

Banglijian Hearing Amplifier ReviewEASY USE AND COMFORTABLE FEATURE: This hearing amplifier designed by audiologist is easy, durable, and comfortable ...

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Empower Hearing Amplifier Review Empower BOOST Sound Amplifier is a personal sound amplifier (PSAP) that does more than amplify sound – it enhances your ...

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Hearing loss TreatmentOnce a patient has been diagnosed with hearing loss, many steps can be performed to treat the problem. Depending on the degree of ...

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    Hearing Healthcare March 5, 2019 at 9:43 am

    High-end hearing amplifiers (PSAPs), like the Otofonix, are as good as hearing aids according to a recent study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association in July 2017. Johns Hopkins School of Medicine found that the better “PSAPs were associated with improvements in speech understanding for individuals with hearing loss that were similar to results obtained with a hearing aid”.

  2. Hi,
    It’s a left or right hearing amplifier. It come with Carrying Case

  3. Please contact directly the seller on Amazon. We don’t sell it.

  4. You could, and it would definitely be cheaper to do so but there’s good reason to consult with a doctor or audiologist before investing in hearing aids.

  5. The manufacturer’s warranty period is 6 months.

    This warranty covers any defect in material or faulty production, specifically excluding batteries, domes, and tubes. Any and all warranties are invalidated if the Tweak instrument has been tampered with or altered in any way, if the serial number has been altered or removed, or if any repairs have been made without authorization. The manufacturer reserves the right to repair or replace the instrument or any defective part, at manufacturer’s expense, within the limits of the warranty.

  6. If you suspect your hearing is not what it used to be, the next step is to get your hearing evaluated by an audiologist. An audiologist can quantify the degree of hearing loss you have and let you know whether you’re a good candidate for a hearing aid or hearing amplifier.

  7. Hi Baughman,
    We don’t sell tubes. You can check out this accessories from manufacture :

  8. Dear Sandy !
    What is your hearing device brand ?
    We don’t sell products but we can help you find a fit dome for your devide.
    Check out this one

  9. Well, the BHA 702D comes with 6 domes, have you tried to use the small size ?