Britzgo Hearing Amplifier Review

Britzgo Hearing Amplifier Review

One of the major challenges people face when they start to lose their hearing is the fact that hearing aids are very expensive. It is not uncommon for someone to pay $5000, or more, for a pair of hearing enhancement devices. Sometimes they do need these medical-grade hearing aids, other times a simple amplifier is enough to help them to get through day to day situations.

If you are looking for a cheap hearing amplifier the Britzgo Hearing Aid could be worth a try. It seems to get the balance between affordability and usability about right. 

Who is the Britzgo Company?

Britzgo is a hearing aid and hearing amplifier retailer based in Bellevue, Washington.

Having been around since 1995, Britzgo has expanded into a worldwide company, offering hearing products all across the globe.

They offer affordable hearing amplifiers at a fraction of the cost of their competitors, yet with similar performance.

Aimed at people who are not quite ready for a hearing aid, Britzgo’s premium digital hearing amplifiers are designed by doctors and audiologists and have a modern and discreet design with excellent performance.

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