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Britzgo Hearing Amplifier BHA-702D Review

Britzgo Hearing Amplifier  BHA-702D  Product Description

  • DIGITALLY DESIGNED; BETTER THAN ANALOGUE: This hearing amplifier contains a digital chip and mode control, enabling easy and efficient volume fit for different backgrounds. The digital chip erases noise distortion to bring an intelligible aid in hearing.
    • LASTING BATTERY LIFE: Your personal hearing amplifier now consumes 3x lesser battery than analogue model. Energy-efficient and long-lasting; the ideal hearing amplifier for all sorts of listening environments.
    • AS SIMPLE IN DESIGN AS POSSIBLE: Now enhance your hearing with your personal hearing amplifier built with one-switch operation; no fiddling needed. Change frequency and volume with one finger tap and adjust to different environments comfortably.
    • CHANGEABLE TUBE TO FIT BOTH EARS: The product comes with specific changeable tubes that are designed to fit each of the ear pleasantly – Put it on in any ear by choice!
    • SAFE, LIGHT, & GOOD FITTING: Digital hearing amplifier is designed in latest, premium silver fashion to go along socially. Verified to be medically safe by 96% of audiologists – no evaluation or prescription needed. It’s light in weight, and works discreetly in the ear to aid the hearing in an enriched, consistent manner.

Britzgo Hearing Amplifier works wonders as contrary to its small size. This digital model is designed for;
Supper Efficient energy-power consumption
Easy and comfortable, one-finger operation
Noise reduction control through digital chip
Digital volume and frequency program fitting as demanded by different needs
And enriches the sounds around your head to make the world an easy place!

Accessories come along with Britzgo Hearing Amplifier
1 Britzgo Digital hearing amplifier
1 travel carrying case
1 P13 battery
1 cleaning brush
2 tubes for right and left ear
3 domes, for small, medium and large sizes
1 instruction manual

Britzgo Hearing Amplifier  BHA-702D review

  • Easy and comfortable, one-finger operation.
  • Advanced noise reduction through digital chip
  • Contains a digital chip better than analogue.
  • Supper Efficient energy-power consumption .
  • Very comfortable.
  • And enriches the sounds around your head to make the world an easy place!

  • Battery is not rechargeable

Britzgo Hearing Amplifier Deals


Britzgo Hearing Amplifier BHA-702D

9.2 Total Score

The product is very good at Hearing Improvement. Its also the top 1 of best seller on Amazon

Physical Comfort
Hearing Improvement
User Rating: 3.88 (113 votes)
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  1. Reply
    Roger November 28, 2016 at 10:36 pm

    Have used and enjoyed my BHA 702D amplifier but am disappointed with the fit of the medium hearing tube. It’s advertised as “adjustable” but I see no way to cut it back. Are there small sized hearing tubes that will leave less of the tube loop visible?

    • Reply
      HAR November 30, 2016 at 12:28 am

      Well, the BHA 702D comes with 6 domes, have you tried to use the small size ?

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