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ClearHear Digital Hearing Amplifier Review

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ClearHear Digital Hearing Amplifier

It is not the cheapest device on the market, but with a very very affordable price for an adjustable hearing device. Many of the adjustable others with the same level are considerably more expensive.


This is a very small device, which fits comfortable behind the ear and almost invisible. 


The fact it is so small means that it is very comfortable for most users to use. In addition, with this sound amplifier you get six different earpieces, which makes it easier to find one that feels comfortable for you. Most other retailers offer a choice of earpieces, but normally only three. Having a choice of six different configurations is unusual, but useful. 

Adjustable Sound Tuning

Being able to adjust a hearing amplifier is an important feature. Everyone has a slightly different hearing issue.

Some can hear high frequency sounds easier they can than low frequency noises. Everyone is different, so there is no one size fits all solution for hearing problems. If you have hearing problems in both ears you may need to wear two hearing amplifiers with each one being adjusted differently.

For this reason, it is very important to look for a hearing enhancer that allows you to adjust the settings. 

Batteries Quality 

The rechargeable batteries go with this ClearHear Digital Hearing Amplifier are good . They stay charged all day and can withstand being recharged a thousand times. You can recharge it in the car too. Importantly, it charges quickly as well.

Potential Issues

The reviews for this hearing amplifier are largely positive. However four people did not like this product and returned it.

They seemed to have problems with the clarity of the sound produced by the aid complaining of background noise. However, we know that this is a general issue with hearing amplifiers and aids. They are designed to amplify all sound, so when you use one you will, to some extent, find that background noise is amplified as well as the sounds you are trying to hear.

In addition, one user said that when they spoke they could hear their own voice in their ear. They sent their device back because of this, but again, we feel that this is normal for a hearing device. When you speak, your own voice will be picked up and amplified. This user just found that the lowest setting was too loud for them.

8.5 Total Score
Rechargeable ClearHear Digital Hearing Amplifier

Very good quality hearing amplifier for Hearing Improvement enough to make it easier for you to hear again with clarity. This will make your life far easier and offers you the chance to enjoy social occasions and things like going a party, theatre or cinema once again.If you are looking for a hearing amplifier there are alot of choices. Including hearing aids made be independent firms like ClearHear. This small UK based firm has a reputation for making high quality products that are inexpensive yet reliable.

Physical Comfort
Hearing Improvement
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