Hearing Aid Batteries – You should know

The small battery is the power source for the hearing aid. These batteries require replacement within every one to three weeks. How often do you change your batteries varies with your degree of hearing loss, the number of hours you wear your hearing aids, and the type or size of the battery, the quality of then batteries …
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Keep batteries out of reach of children, pets, or confused individuals.
  • Do not put the hearing aid batteries in your ear, nose, or mouth. Always throw away old hearing aid batteries.
  • Individuals have mistaken these small hearing aid batteries for medication. Please check your medication before swallowing.
  • Store hearing aid batteries in a cool or dry place.
  • Do not store your zinc-air hearing aid batteries in a refrigerator.
  • When replacing the battery, do not force the battery door closed. Check to make sure your batteries is the correct size and in the right way.
  • When your hearing aid is not in use, turn off the hearing aid and then open the battery compartment. This will save battery power and allow the hearing aid to dry overnight.
  • Keep the “tab” on  batteries until you are ready to use them.
  • Extra hearing aid batteries should be carried in a cloth or leather pouch. Do not carry batteries loosely with other metal objects (change, keys, etc). If the metal objects rub together, it could kill your batteries.
  • If you are not wearing your hearing aid(s) for long time (one week or longer), remove the batteries. The acid in the batteries will eventually leak, causing damage to your hearing aid(s).
  • Never dispose of batteries in a fire. They may explode.

Check out this video for more information about hearing aid batteries :

Replacing Your Battery

1. Open the battery compartment section by swinging this part with your finger.
2. Take out the old battery.
3. Peel the “tab” off of the new hearing aid batteries.
4. Hold the battery between your thumb and forefinger with the positive (+) side up (this is the all silver side).
5. Slide or push into battery compartment section. Do not place the battery directly inside the hearing aid itself.
6. Close the battery compartment section.
The circle on the negative side of the battery should line up with the ledge on the bottom of the battery compartment.
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  1. Good post. Like many small objects, the number one tip as you’ve mentioned in the article would be to keep hearing aid batteries out of reach of children. Can’t stress enough how important this is to avoid untoward incidents.

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