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Mimitakara Rechargeable Hearing Amplifier

Mimitakara Rechargeable Hearing Amplifier Product Description

  •  RECHARGEABLE FUNCTION: Mimitakara Japan® includes built-in rechargeable battery that is incased in the device. The average recharge time to fully recharge the hearing aid is ± 2 hours. There will be an indicator light to indicate that the device is charging. Up to 15 hours of continuous use per charge.
  •  APPROVAL CERTIFICATES: FDA registered, RoHS approved, ISO 13485 Certified and CE 0434 Compliant.
  •  BLUETOOTH FUNCTION: Mimitakara Japan® DP-6K52 has a built-in Bluetooth chip that has a 2 way function. It can be paired with mobile devices. Play back the audio media from the connected device such as music and video. You will be able to make and received phone calls and talk naturally without holding the phone to the device. This allows you to received and make phone calls at the same hearing level too without needing to adjust the volume to your hearing needs.
  •  NOISE CANCELLATING FUNCTION: Mimitakara Japan® has 2 noise cancelling pre-settings to aid you in getting the best hearing experience (Standard Mode & Noise Cancelling Mode). Standard Mode receive the full digital gain from the hearing amplifier with no filters (Used in quiet environments such as at home). Cancelling Mode turns on a filter that assists in reducing environmental noise to allow you to hear what is directly in-front of you better (Used in louder environment such as Restaurants)
  •  ACCESSORIES & FEATURES: Mimitakara Japan® DP-6K52 comes with 1 x Main unit with built-in ear buds, 1 x Carrying case, 1 x Cleaning brush, 1 x USB power brick, 1 x USB cable, 2 x Additional pairs of (Large & Small) size ear buds, 1 x Detailed instruction manual. Features comes with a Volume up and down controller knob, Mode knob, built in microphone, LED Indicators, Power switch, Charging port, Collar clip and built in earphones (Red = Right) & (BLUE = LEFT).

The biggest investment for anyone is you and your family, therefore taking care of this investment should be of upmost  importance. That’s why we engineer all our hearing amplifiers with your priceless investment in mind. We provide you  with a new way to interact with your loved ones by simply listening. Mimitakara Rechargeable Hearing Amplifier  are made for people with  hearing disabilities or are suffering with hearing loss. We have hearing aids to suit people with mild hearing loss to  people who need digital hearing amplifiers to aid them in hearing. Mimitakara Rechargeable Hearing Amplifier doesn’t discriminate between  people that use them, our hearing amplifier are made to suit anyone of any age, race and gender. The  new Bluetooth  technology opens a brand new door to the industry together with its rechargeable capabilities will ensure that you save  money and hassle of changing batteries on a weekly basis.

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Mimitakara Rechargeable Hearing Amplifier Review


  • It’s very  comfortable.
  • Sound quality is very good.
  • Rechargeable batterry.
  • Reducing environmental noise.
  • 1 year manufactures warranty.
  • FDA registered, RoHS approved.
  • Japan Technology.


  • Not invisible.


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Great !

Mimitakara Rechargeable Hearing Amplifier are made for people with hearing disabilities or are suffering with hearing loss. We have hearing aids to suit people with mild hearing loss to people who need digital hearing amplifiers to aid them in hearing.

Physical Comfort
Hearing Improvement
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