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Premium PG-220 Digital Discovery Hearing Amplifer Review

Premium PG-220 Digital Discovery Hearing Amplifer  Review

  • MaxRange DIGITAL SETTINGS: Digital Discovery designed your hearing amplifier with 64 different audio settings to choose from. Our digital amplifier allows you to choose from 4 different pre-programmed modes and 16 different volume levels per program mode. Select your desired volume level and then pick your favorite mode.
  • SCIENTIFICALLY DESIGNED SnugFit EarTips were scientifically designed to fit perfectly inside your ear, which help eliminate ambient noise, reduce static, and enhance clarity. Digital Discovery provides you with three custom-fit silicone SnugFit Ear Tips, to ensure the most comfortable fit. Personalized ear tips combined with Digital Discovery’s Digital Chip helps guarantee a great hearing experience.
  • DIGITALLY ENHANCED TECHNOLOGY: Digital Discovery used state of the art technology to construct our MaxRange Personal Sound Amplifier by incorporating a digital chip along with our premiere amplification to ensure a great haring experience. You can choose to amplify all sounds (level 1) or filter the sounds that are most important to you. Either way Digital Discovery has the perfect setting for you.
  • DOCTOR RECOMMENDED & NO PRESCRIPTION REQUIRED: Digital Discovery collaborated with the best Audiologists & Doctors, before finalizing our design. Amplify your hearing with Digital Discovery’s Premiere MaxRange hearing amplifier at a fraction of the cost you would pay at the doctor. Customize your hearing amplifier by selecting one of the 64 different audio settings to best fit your hearing needs.
  • 100% CUSTOMER SATISFACTION: if you aren’t completely satisfied with Digital Discoveries Premiere Personal Sound Amplification Device, simply return your hearing amplifier within the first 30 days for a full refund. We include step by step directions, video demonstrations, & troubleshooting solutions with every purchase. Buy your behind the ear amplifier with confidence & shop Digital Discover

AMPLIFY YOUR HEARING & AMPLIFY YOUR LIFE WITH Premium PG-220 Digital Discovery Hearing Amplifer

Premium PG-220 Digital Discovery Hearing Amplifer  Brings You The Highest Quality Hearing Amplifier, Without Sacrificing Your Comfort! Each Premium PG-220 Digtal Discovery Hearing Amplifer Comes With A Sleek & Stylish Traveling Case Allowing You To Amplify Your Hearing Anywhere You Want To Go!

Each Digital Discovery Traveling Case Is Packed With:

  • 1 Cleaning Brush: We Make It Easy Keep Your Hearing Amplifer Clean & Fresh After Every Use!
  • 2 Premium Batteries: Ready For Use As Soon As You Open The Traveling Case
  • 3 EarPlug Covers: Small, Medium, Large Sizes Allow You To Customize The Fit Perfect For You
  • 1 Premium PG-220 Hearing Amplifer: With 1.5 V and & Low Sound Distortion It’s Easy To See Why Customers Love Our Latest Behing-The-Ear Hearing Amplifier

Do You Get Frustrated Completing Your Favorite Hobbies Due To Your Hearing?

Hearing Loss Can Have A Huge Impact While:

  •  Hunting
  • Listening to Music
  • Watching Movies
  • Conversating With Loved Ones
  • Enjoying Sporting Events
  • Driving
  • Sleeping& Much Much More



  • It’s very  comfortable.
  • Good sound amplification.
  • Digitally enhanced technology
  • Easy to use
  • The Fit Perfect For You with 3 sizes


  • Battery not rechargeable
  • Does not reduce the background noise.


8.1 Total Score
Great !

Physical Comfort
Hearing Improvement
User Rating: 3.95 (107 votes)
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