The first few weeks with hearing aids

Week 1
When you first start wearing hearing aids, you will hear many sounds at once and they may seem too loud. You’ll notice things like the clock ticking, the refrigerator humming, or the fish tank filter running. This is because your brain has forgotten how to prioritize sounds.
Regaining your hearing is like learning a foreign language. The more you immerse yourself, the quicker you’ll adapt. With practice and patience, your brain will relearn which sounds to ignore.

Week 2
The adjustment period can be tiresome. Your brain is working hard to process sounds and it can take a toll on your energy. But don’t give up!
Listening will become easier in the second week and you’ll start to notice you’re understanding more. The best way for your brain to relearn how to hear is to wear your hearing aids every day.

Week 3
After a few weeks, hearing aids will become just another part of your daily life. Your brain will be filtering out insignificant sounds and the amount of effort put into listening will decrease, making you feel more energized.
Conversations will be easy and you’ll be able to enjoy the sounds of life around you, such as singing birds, children laughing, or the cat purring. You’ll be amazed by how much you were missing.

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