Tips and tricks for handling hearing issues

Tips and tricks for handling hearing issues

“Always have a hearing aid container on you. I never put the hearing aid anywhere else but in the container, and the container never leaves my pocket except to go into my sock drawer.” —via HHF survey

“Keep old hearing aids in case your current ones get damaged. When I kayak I use a hand-me-down aid from my dad (who now has a cochlear implant) programmed for me so I don’t have to worry about getting my ‘good’ set wet.” —Staff writer Kathi Mestayer

“In my state I was stunned to discover Medicaid now covers hearing aids— for children as well as adults, which is amazing. Since coverage changes year to year, check with your insurance every time you get a new pair of hearing aids.” —Ann Conway, Ph.D., who manages the Facebook page Hearing Loss Toolkit

“My perfect hearing aid would include auto-charging batteries. We are close—ZPower makes batteries that can be recharged without having to remove them from the hearing aids. You plug in your hearing aids into a dock just like you would a smartphone, and the batteries get replaced once a year by your audiologist. So far it’s available for just a few brands/models of hearing aids, but I am hopeful that this is the wave of the future!” —via HHF survey

“Once you take the tab off the battery, expose it to air for about five minutes before inserting it into the hearing aid; it lasts longer. I prep my aids and batteries and then brush and floss my teeth. By the time I am done, the batteries are ready.” —Eloise Schwarz, co-leader, Metro Milwaukee Chapter of the Hearing Loss Association of America, via email

“If you are visiting New York City, take advantage of the many hearing loops installed at various tourist attractions, such as the Metropolitan Museum of Art, Lincoln Center, Madison Square Garden, all 482 subway station information booths—even taxis!” —Janice Schacter Lintz, the founder of Hearing Access & Innovations, which has established or enhanced hearing access programs at more than 100 companies and organizations around the world

“A snack-size baggie for storing hearing aids will work in a pinch, such as when caught in a rainstorm.” —Tish Hamilton, via email

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