Understand Hearing Aid Features

Understand Hearing Aid Features

When selecting hearing aids you have the choice of various models, but it is very important to be sure that the model you choose contains some key features.
Directional Microphones
Directional technology can improve your ability to understand in noise by reducing what you hear to the sides and behind you. This technology works best when you are close to the sound source (“near-field” listening).
However, its effectiveness is reduced or eliminated if you are too far from the sound source (“far-field” listening) and/or are listening in a very reverberant room such as a house of worship. In these situations ALDs can
be used along with your hearing aids.

Another helpful feature is a telecoil. As shown in the illustration at right, a telecoil is a small sensor that is placed inside the hearing aid (or cochlear implant) and used to pick up electromagnetic energy from hearing aid
compatible phones.
Telecoils also provide wireless access to large rooms that are equipped with loop, FM or infrared (IR) systems, as mandated by the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). If your hearing aids do not have telecoils, then the only way to access large-area wireless listening systems is to remove your hearing aids and use the receiver and earphones provided by the movie theater or other venue. This may or may not be ideal. These systems, as well as digitally modulated wireless systems also can be used at home to better hear in face-to-face conversation with your family as well as when enjoying TV and other media.

Wireless Hearing Aids
Newer hearing aids contain built-in wireless receivers that can be paired with wireless accessories from the same manufacturer, and also allow for wireless communication between the two hearing aids. For example, one brand of hearing aid can be ordered with a TV transmitter that allows you to receive a stereo TV signal in your hearing aids when you enter the room.
This same system can be ordered with a spouse mic that your significant other can clip on so that you can hear better in a car, restaurant, etc. Some hearing aids can also be used with smartphones, allowing phone calls and music to be sent to the hearing aids directly. There are smartphone apps that allow for hearing aid adjustments to be made with your phone. Some companies also offer addon receivers that allow their wireless microphones to be used with brands of hearing aids other than their own.
Because of the existence of traditional and new technology sideby-side, it makes sense for wireless hearing aids to also include telecoils. This way you can be guaranteed to have access to all existing technologies, including the loop, FM and IR technologies in the community.

After understand Hearing Aid Features you can now choose the features that you need but remember that the more features the more expensive.

Understand Hearing Aid Features

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